A collection of photos taken while wanderinglost...

Canada Cup 0527 viewsChad took this shot of a guy trying to get through the Bone Crusher. Yes, it really is called the bone crusher, complete with a skeleton hanging in the trees just before you hit it!
The Stumpy award20 viewsThe Durham Fly Gurlz stumpy award that is given out during the Thursday rides.
After the Canada Cup29 viewsIt was a very hot and dusty ride, You get behide some riders and you breath in all of the dust they're kicking up!
My proof!20 viewsYes, I really was crazy enough to ride in a Canada Cup, as my first race, you would think that I would be smart enough to start with an O-Cup.
Rocky Mountain Rules!!!20 viewsMy RM Hammer, well worth the money!! I still can't keep up to Chad but at least I have a nicer bike! Next up, Rocky Mountain ETSX (I wish!)
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