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Allegro Papagayo pool13 viewsWe all spent lots of quality time here!
Dad catching the BIG ONE11 viewsDepending on who you talk to, we thought the fish that were caught were big, the guys that took us out called them bait fish!
Steve catching another big one10 viewsAka another bait fish, the only big one got away, Dad tryed but the fish probably went under a rock. So not only was he fighting the fish but a rock ledge as well.
Gord's turn10 viewsIn all we got about 3 bait fish, but saw tons of wildlife. On this boat trip alone we saw a whale, dolphins, sea turtles and a manta ray
Jenn loves spending time fishing with Dad15 viewsI always look forward to going out and spending good quality time with Dad fishing!
We wore him out13 viewsHaving a nap after a full day out on the water
Another amazing view6 viewsIt's hard not to always be looking around and taking in the amazing views
Heading home10 viewsHeading back to the hotel after a full day of fishing
The beach club21 viewsThe hotel beach is just a black sand beach so you can sign up for a boat ride over to the Fun CLub, a white sand beach that is perfet for swimming, and spotting monkeys. After about an hour, people started to spot monkeys in the trees. Soon there were a bunch of monkeys, everyone was trying to get a picture.
capuchin monkeys! Click on pic to enlarge14 viewsThese are the monkeys that showed up, it's hard to get a good picture because they stay fairly high up in the trees.
Resident iguana18 viewsIt didn't take long to spot wildlife, this guy was spotted getting off of the bus at the hotel reception. They were throughout the complex and didn't mind people, some will even fight for fries right under your lounge chair.
A coati29 viewsThis guy was found on the road on the way to Arenal Observatory Lodge. He looked so cute but when I got out of the truck he quickly let me know he didn't like that by charging me, I very quickly got back into the truck!
Arenal Observatory Lodge waterfall8 viewsWe were only here for one night and left the next morning. Unfortuently the volcano was not visable because of clouds but we went on a morning hike and saw this great waterfall
The river flowing trom the waterfall9 viewsAt Arenal Observatory Lodge
You get an amazing view of the volcano, when it's not cloudy!13 viewsThis isn't a 5 star hotel, but it is an beautiful place, it was a research station for the volcano that has been opened up to tourists. It is very popular with tourists looking for an eco experience
Butterfly Observatory, largest in the world9 viewsThis is at the Peace Lodge at La Paz Waterfall gardens, this was by far Chad's and my highlight of the honeymoon. This place cannot be explaned by words alone, a little gem high up in the mountains near the Poás Volcano.
Blue Morpho10 viewsThis blue morpho was on display under a magnifying glass giving you a close up view of a butterfly
The Humming bird garden16 viewsI have never seen so many humming birds! We met up with one of the workers that allowed me to hand feed some of the birds. He was from Europe and had made the trip to La Paz a couple of years back. He loved the place so much that he moved to Costa Rica and started working at La Paz, he said he just fell in love with the place
Frogs, frogs, and more frogs!11 viewsChad and I decided to check out the frog building, we walked in and really didn't see anything, we were expecting to see a bunch of aquariums with frogs in them, and all we saw were more gardens. We were about to head out to the waterfall trail when one of the workers called us over. She starting pulling out these tiny frogs from under leaves, rocks, etc. We were stunned! This is a green dart frog
Mr Blue Jeans16 viewsThat really is the name of the frog, blue jeans dart frog. There were two rooms, one with poisonous frogs and one with non-poisonous frogs. These guys are poisonous to animals that try to eat them. The worker starting picking them from under leaves and setting them out for Chad and I to get some photos.
Green Poison Dart Frog11 viewsThey are hard to get good shots even with her putting them out for us, they are very tiny
This guy totally made my day!13 viewsWe went on into the next room and the worker starting looking for more frogs under the leaves. She found this guy, picked him up and turned around and gave him to me! I was shocked, I'm actually holding a Telus frog, how cool is that! They're proper name is the Guady Leaf Frog, but I prefer the Telus frog. This was one of my highlites of the trip for sure
An hourglass tree frog15 viewsThis guy is so tiny he is transparent!
Chad holding the Telus Frog!14 viewsChad held him as well, he started climbing up his jacket and then jumped for the nearest plant.
Chad getting a good look at the Telus Frog10 viewsThis was when the frog decided to jump to the nearest plant
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