A collection of photos taken while wanderinglost...

Looking out over the many islands17 viewsThere are thousands of islands, from very small with no grass or trees to very large where you can walk for hours and not get around the full island
Jenn walking along the rocks11 viewsNotice that the grass is bent over from the wind. This was our first nights stay, only because we couldn't get any further out because of the small craft warning!
The winds that we faced when we crossed over to the islands15 viewsJenn was sure that we weren't going to make it. There was a small craft warning the day we decided to cross and Jenn was airborn many times sitting in the front of the canoe.
One of the sunsets11 views
Heading around the end of the main island8 views
Our own beach28 viewsWe managed to find this small sand beach for our second night. Since it was quite a bit calmer, we were able to set up right beside the water
One of many small islands12 viewsWe decided to get a early moring paddle in so we ended stopping at this small island for breakfast. I decided to take some pictures because of the weather: warm, sunny and calm
My favorite picture of the trip24 viewsI love the colours in this photo!
Beautiful calm morning19 viewsYou can notice all of the small islands in the background
Enjoying the view12 viewsChad taking a break to grab a drink and enjoy the beautiful view
Gettin' a drink20 viewsYou can see how clear the water is in this picture, and again the colouring was perfect
Our last night's campsite14 viewsWe ended up getting a great sunset on our last evening there! Chad hiked along shore to get a picture of it
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